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Automobiles - SUV and VAN for Sale in Savannah Georgia

Used Suvs and Vans for Sale

Automobiles - SUV and VAN for Sale in Savannah Georgia (Jul 20 - Jul 26, 2017)

IF YOU HAVE SUVS & VANS & want to advertise it FREE in the Tell-N-Sell, call 927-7710, 927-7731 or long distance 800-673-6481. Click here to Place an Ad on Line.
04 JEEP WRANGLER, red color with black hard top, new soft top, auto, AC, cruise, 107K. mioles, $11,000. Call 912-682-3444, Millen.
NISSAN ROGUE SL 10, $8,500. Call 912-348-0851 Statesboro
99 NISSAN PATHFINDER, $13,995. Call 912-226-6200.
01 HONDA ODYSSEY, everything works, $1,650 OBO. Call 912-748-7672.
14 LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 37k miles, loaded -call for more info Call 855-300-3443.
15 NISSAN ROGUE S Select Pkg, Must See! $13,685. Call 855-300-3443.
HONDA CRV EX L. 08. White, loaded. $10,995 Call 912-232-3333
09 HONDA PILOT EX L low miles, loaded, $16,886. Call 855-300-3443.
07 NISSAN MURANO SL, low miles,auto, $9,886. Call 855-300-3443.
14 FORD EXPLORER LTD loaded, nice! $19,988. Call 855-300-3443.
FORD EDGE 13, V6, auto, power package, $13,500. Call 912-348-0851 Statesboro
HONDA ODYSSEY EX L. 14. Black, loaded $27,885. Call 912-232-3333
GMC SAVANA '99, conversion van, with high top, real nice, $5,000. Call 478-455-1202, Soperton.
‘07 JEEP WRANGLE X, 124K. miles, in perfect condition, everything works, $11,000/cash (salvage title due to damage top when new). Call 912-551-2481, Alma.
‘00 HONDA CR-V , ex awd, cold AC, automatic, excellent condition, rebuilt motor, runs and drives great, $2,200. Call 912-884-3699, Midway.
01 DODGE1500-V6.‘99 Ford 3/4 ton 460 fuel injection. ‘01-’03 Mercury Mountaineer-all wheel drive. ‘04 Ford Explorer - 4 wheel drive. All run good, no title, $6,000 obo. Call 912-748-7691.
CHEVY TAHOE LS '02, white, in great condition, 143K original miles, nice and clean, clean CARFAX report, clear title in hand, $6,000/cash. Call 912-253-2253 Hazlehurst
CHEVY TAHOE LS '02, white, in great condition, 143K original miles, nice and clean, clean CARFAX report, clear title in hand, $6,000/cash. Call 912-253-2253 Hazlehurst
FORD ESCAPE '11, all wheel drive, new tires, hybrid, great on gas, 100K miles, runs and looks new, $11,995. Call 631-335-1054 Richmond Hill
87 CJ 7, $5,200 OBO. Call 912-531-4753.
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If you're looking for a used van for sale or a SUV, you no longer have to wait until next Sunday’s classified newspaper car ads. You can start searching now. We invite you to browse through our vast selection of SUVs for sale below.

Do you have a used SUV for sale or a van? Why not post your ad in Tell-N-Sell for FREE. When you post your SUV for sale at Tell-N-Sell, you are advertising directly to car buyers in Savannah, Georgia. Placing your free ad online is a piece of cake. All you have to do is post your ad here or you can give us a call at: 927-7710, 927-7731 or 800-673-6481.

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are known to be high performance automobiles that are used by a larger number of people for travelling longer distances or on country roads. These SUVs are quite simple and convenient to drive and are known for their durable features such as enormous engine power, stability and capacity, along with explicit safety features. Due to their exclusive features and affordable rates, they have become more popular in recent times, especially among family units. On the exclusive Tell-n-Sell network of buyers and sellers, you can find SUVs for sale, available in various shapes, colors and sizes that best fit your budget and requirements. Detailed information about SUVs for sale regarding their brand, model, size, shape, mileage, pricing, high resolution images and many other aspects are easily available from Tell-n-Sell so that you can make the best possible choice at a reasonable cost.

The Vans for sale, which are present at Tell-n-Sell, combine a perfect blend of power, shape, size, functionality and great fuel efficiency, all essential aspects to look for while purchasing any vehicle. You can get a van with improved gas mileage, various luxury features, greater space, explicit functionality, enhanced safety features and the right size at an affordable rate from Tell-n-Sell.

Those individuals with a fixed budget can opt for a used vehicle available from the used SUV and VAN for sale listings at the Tell-n-Sell network in Savannah, Georgia. Several people prefer to purchase a used van for sale than a brand new one, as many of the used vehicles are available in really good condition and are hardly utilized by their earlier owners. By conducting a bit of research on our website you can save money, since the used SUVs tend to have been depreciated already. No doubt, this is one of the biggest possible benefits of buying a used SUV, which is avoiding the minimum 30% depreciation of new vehicles in their first years. So, don’t wait any longer, enjoy a profitable deal by purchasing your choice of SUV or van from the Tell-n-Sell network.

Parkway Automotive Group
$ 6,999
Womack Auto Sales
2007 MAZDA CX9
$ 7,900