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Automobiles - Import Cars for Sale in Georgia

Used Import Cars for Sale

Automobiles - Import Cars for Sale in Georgia (Jan 10 - Jan 16, 2019)

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'04 HYUNDAI ELANTRA, good condition, many new parts, $1,800. Call 912-531-3898.
'17 INFINITI QX50, under 8,000 miles, like new, fully loaded, navigation, heated leather seat, sun roof, full power, tinted windows. Call 912-661-0328.
'04 HYUNDAI ELANTRA, good condition, many new parts, $1,800. Call 912-531-3898.
'14 MITSUBISHI MIRAGE ES H/B, 4 dr, auto! $6,700. Call 912-348-0851.
'09 TOYOTA CAMRY SE, auto, all power, $6,400. Call 912-348-0851.
'09 TOYOTA COROLLA S, 4 dr, auto, $6,200. Call 912-348-0851.
'09 NISSAN 370Z NISMO, A Rare find! $14,800. Call 912-348-0851.
NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5, new tire, good condition, $3,500. Call 912-661-7499.
'05 HONDA ACCORD, new tire, $4,000. Call 912-661-7499.
'02 HYUNDAI ACCENT, needs little work, $800 OBO. Call 912-667-8279.
'12 NISSAN VERSA, new tire, excellent condition, $4,800. Call 912-996-5989.
'12 VW PASSAT, excellent condition, leather, sunroof, $1,200. Call 912-996-5989.
'05 BMW 545i, sunroof, luxury loaded! Call 912-434-4068.
'06 NISSAN MAXIMA, 4 dr, auto, panoramic roof! Call 912-434-4068.
'06 MAZDA 3, new motor, good condition, $1,800 OBO. Call 912-572-5919.
'97 HONDA CIVIC, $1,700 OBO. Call 912-657-2254.
'95 TOYOTA CAMRY, 4 door, blue, AC, $1,400 OBO. Call 912-657-9535.
'02 CAMRY LE, verygood condition, good tires, heat and air. Call 912-506-0723
'04 CAMRY XLE, verygood condition, good tires, heat and air. Call 912-506-0723.
VW JETTA TDI 01, all power auto, DIESEL, low mileage TDI, recent major service, $2,900 Christmas Special! Call 912-269-2668.
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