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Real Estate - Commercial Property for Sale Classifieds in Savannah (Jan 16 - Jan 22, 2020)

IF YOU HAVE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE & want to advertise it FREE in the Tell-N-Sell, call 927-7710 or long distance 800-673-6481. Click here to Place an Ad on Line.
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Listing commercial property for sale in real estate magazines and newspaper advertisements can be expensive. If you have commercial properties for sale, you can list your ad at Tell-N-Sell for FREE. The best part about posting your commercial property for sale online is that you can connect with buyers who are interested in buying commercial real estate in Savannah, GA.

Want to list commercial properties online for free? Posting commercial property for sale on our site is easy. To get started right away, list your classified ad in here or you can give us a call at: 927-7710 or 800-673-6481.

Carsmart Auto Sales
$ 18988
Swanns Rentals and Sales
$ 899