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MAZDA MIATA '91, parts car with many extra parts, no engine/transmission, salvage title, $250. Call 912-398-1206
'03 KIA SORENTO & Sedona mini-van tranny, shifts perfect, it's just the tranny, $250. Call 912-590-5046 Waycross
'03 PONTIAC AZTEK TRANNY, works perfect, $250. Call 912-590-5046 Waycross
'03 KIA SORENTO & Sedona mini-van tranny, shifts perfect, it's just the tranny, $250. Call 912-590-5046 Waycross
3.9L DODGE DAKOTA ENGINE, can hear it run, runs great, came out of a '96 model, $400. Call 912-590-5046 Waycross
4.6L LINCOLN CONTINENTAL (DOHC) engine, came out of '98 Lincoln Continental, runs great, FWD engine, $300. Call 912-590-5046 Waycross
2.0L DODGE AVENGER ENG. & AT, came out '97 Dodge Avenger. Will sell individually or together. Call 912-590-5046 Waycross
4.9L CADILLAC ENGINE & Tranny for '95 Caddy, runs great, will sell engine/tranny separately. Call 912-590-5046 Waycross
'99 CHEVY SUBURBAN (2WD) drum-brake rearend, $150. Also have the dash cluster & few other parts. Call 912-590-5046 Waycross
'85 BUICK REGAL 3.8L ENG., it's just the V6 231 engine, not the whole car, fits other GM cars, $300. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
'88-'98 CHEVY 1500 TRUCK Parts: Good fenders, grills, doors, bumpers, dash clusters, gas tanks, steering parts, rear-ends & SWB backbed, etc. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
FORD EXPLORER DISC BRAKE Rearend, $150. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
PARTING OUT '96 Jeep Cherokee: good tranny/ transfer case, good front & back rearends, nice body, engine has cracked head. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
5.7L CHEVY TBI ENGINE, completely rebuilt, new pistons, camshaft, lifters,oil pump, heads, crank, just built, never been cranked, very nice, bored 40 over, $1,100. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
3.0L FORD TAURUS DURATEC Engine, runs great, came out '05 model, will fit Taurus, The 500 or Mercury Sable, $400. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
2.2L HONDA ACCORD ENG. & AT, fits '94-'97 Honda Accord, Prelude & Odyssey mini-van. This is non-V-TECH engine. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
'97 CHEVY SILVERADO (SWB) truck, rolling chasis, & nice backbed, needs a cab, great for LWB to SWB swap. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
'99 NISSAN PATHFINDER (2WD) Transmission and Rearend, both work great, $250 for tranny, $150 for rearend. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
PARTING OUT: 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, great 4.0L engine & transmission, nice body parts. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
PARTING OUT '95 Chevy Camaro, 3.4L engine & AT, will sell engine/tranny separately. Call 912-816-3866 Blackshear
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