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Useful Tips for Buying Used Boats for Water Sports

The pleasant sea coast in the city of Savannah encourages its residents to purchase boats to enjoy the refreshing water-rides and various water sports during holidays and weekends. But, not all citizens can afford brand new boats. Purchasing used/second hand boats can be a more economical way to be able to still enjoy boating during peak seasons in the enchanting city of Savannah.

Here are some useful tips to help you buy a used boat to enjoy water sports.

  • Have a test drive.
    Just like you examine other vehicles, inspect your choice of used boat by having a test drive. Boats are fussy vehicles, which needs greater attention and maintenance than other vehicles. When you are inspecting a used boat during the test drive pay close attention at its various aspects. Ensure it’s not vibrating since a vibrating boat indicates a bent propeller. Test the response of the boat by steering from one direction to another. Check whether its speedometer, RPM, and temperature are functioning appropriately. Examine whether the boat slips smoothly into gear or it jumps. Make sure it works in reverse. Checking all these aspects during the test drive will help you identify whether it’s working in good condition or not.

  • Check the hours on the used boat.
    Just like you measure a car’s usage by miles, measure a boat’s usage by hours. If a used boat has more than 500 hours then you may need to pay a couple extra bucks in its upgrades and maintenance.

  • Check for floor rot.
    Water and wood never mix, especially when it comes to the floor of a boat. So, carefully inspect the floor for soft spots that indicate rot. There can even be growth of mildew. Used boats with a rotten floor can be risky to carry used water sports equipment for sale in Savannah Georgia during the season of water sports.

  • Ask for maintenance history.
    You can request for the maintenance history of a used boat. Find out what major repairs the boat has undergone. If the boat has undergone lots of repair, chances are there will be many more to come which may cost you several dollars. Enquire if the used boat for sale is still under warranty.

  • Check its storage.
    Ask how the used boat was stored when it was not in use. Was it stored open air, exposed to the sun and rainy weather, or was it stored in a dry room? This will help you know how well it was cared by the previous boat owner.

  • Check the condition of upholstery.
    Depending on how the used boat was stored, you can guess how its upholstery was maintained over the years. Check for color fading and ripped seams. Also, inspect the cover of the boat.

  • Inspect the hull.
    Take a walk around the boat and examine the condition of hull. Make sure that it is in good condition. Tap the hull all the way around and ensure that it is consistently solid. If you happen to observe mismatched paint, chances are that the boat has encountered an accident. Also, look for dry rot and gel-coat blisters.

Because water sports are the prominent reason for buying a used boat, it is better to check all these aspects of your choice of boat before you finalize your purchase. Doing so, will help you obtain a reliable, long-lasting, and properly-functioning used boat so that you can enjoy water sports to the full in the Savannah.