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Checklist for Buying a Pre-owned Car – Tell-N-Sell.com

Checklist for Buying a Pre-owned Car – Tell-N-Sell.com

Used classic cars can be a double-edged sword—you may end up with a really great purchase or something that will cause nothing but added expense and perpetual headaches. This is why you need to be critical with your decision. Arming yourself with good information is important so as not to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of seemingly great imported cars in the market. You will take much of the guesswork out of your purchase if you take the time to get to know used cars better and how you can get the best deal out of a used car purchase. Here is a simple checklist of things you should do (and look for) when in the market for a pre-owned car:

1. You may or may not have a particular make and model in mind, but it never hurts doing some general research about used cars before you go out and look for one. This will help you gain knowledge of important used car buying aspects like common defects of certain models, repair costs, as well as fair price points as they begin to age and depreciate. This kind of knowledge also gives you great bargaining power and a better eye for car models and their weak points.

2. Ask questions—lots of them. Contacting a dealer is easy, but you need to be armed with the right questions to ask so as to get as much details about the car you want to buy as you can. Ask their reason for selling, learn about the car’s ownership history, and get into the general condition of the car. Don’t hesitate to inquire about incidents that could’ve caused major issues or damage, learn about any electrical problems, and ask about mileage. All these are important in gauging the quality and value of the used car you are about to purchase.

3. Get a detailed diagnosis of the current state of the car. Ask for a professional inspection or have the car inspected yourself before you even do a test drive so you won’t have to waste your time on a defective purchase.

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