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6 New Trends for Automobiles in 2019

6 New Trends for Automobiles in 2019

Over the last decade, what we have always known as classic cars with features enough to bring us comfortably from one point to the next have transformed into hyper-advanced, connected cars with all kinds of advanced features that make the most out of the most recent technological developments and innovations, ranging from cloud computing to big data, and IoT connectivity. Some major trends that have arisen over the recent years (that should impact your decision in purchasing Savannah used cars and pre-owned vehicles) are as follows:

1.  Usage-based insurance – The insurance industry is one of the most dynamic industries in terms of the use of new innovations. Profound changes are being driven by big data and IoT, with different platforms helping connect insurers to big data, which are hugely impacting the way they assess risk, estimate reserve values, and determining pricing policies.

2.  Vehicles as hub – With technologies becoming increasingly connected, vehicles are now increasingly becoming central hubs for technological advancements. New AI based systems are enabling possibilities like self-driving, providing flexible options between advanced driver assistance, human-machine interfaces, and autonomous vehicle operations.

3.  V2X/V2G technology – Vehicle to everything technology through telematics applications is also paving the way for better parking management systems, collision avoidance, intelligent traffic systems, remote monitoring, and emergency vehicle notifications.

4.  Mild hybrids – With advanced vehicle components becoming ever cheaper, mild hybrids in vehicle technology are also becoming more possible and attainable, including enhancements in more eco-friendly operations, reducing users’ carbon footprint.

5.  Car health monitoring – New technology is also making smarter car health monitoring possible. although automotive biometrics are still developing, it is projected that these innovations will have matured enough for commercialization and implementation by the year 2022.

6.  Platform-based services – With all such tech advancements and automotive trends, it is safe to project a shift in focus of the automotive industry toward more platform-based services with increased level of automation, and wildly enhanced products. OEMs should take these innovations and take advantage of new technology in order to enhance user experience and increase the bottom line.

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