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5 Simple Ways to Get a Better Price for Your Used Car

5 Simple Ways to Get a Better Price for Your Used Car

Pricing a used car for sale can be a confusing task for a newbie car seller. Whether you want to upgrade to a newer model or simply wish to dispose of your old vehicle, it is easy to sell used cars in Savannah through online classifieds. However, it can be difficult to determine whether to list your vehicle under used cars under $10 000 or perhaps a higher or lower bracket, depending on its fair market value and current condition. How do you determine what a good price is for your used car for sale? How do you get a better deal for your investment? Here are some things you should consider when pricing used cars in Savannah:

1.    Look at current listings so you can compare pricing for similar vehicles. Check out prices for similar models and makes so you can get a good sense of what the median price is for your vehicle.

2.    It is easy to justify a higher price tag on your used car if you have installed expensive upgrades and aftermarket parts on your machine. Additional components and accessories like rims, body kit, suspension systems, tires, intake manifold, exhaust system, or an upgraded engine all merit higher price tags.

3.    If your car enjoys certain cult status, (i.e. if it is a limited edition make and model or something that has gained a following since its release) you can likewise charge a higher premium on it. Vintage cars and classic models are great examples of used vehicles that enjoy this kind of recognition.

4.    Limit your vehicle’s use prior to putting it up for sale in the market. This will help you preserve mileage and attract buyers looking for something that’s not as heavily driven/well-beaten.

5.    Sell on a “good month.” Just like any market, the used cars market has its good and bad months, so be sensitive about the timing of your sale if you want to strike a good deal.

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