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5 Reasons Why Toyota 4Runner is the Best SUV in the Market

5 Reasons Why Toyota 4Runner is the Best SUV in the Market

The Toyota 4Runner may fall short of other modern SUVs in terms of engine power, but it more than makes up for it with fuel efficiency and smooth ride. It is tough and can tackle the most demanding of off-roading adventures. If you are in the market for good value SUV for sale, Toyota’s 4Runner is a worthy investment. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best selling and most popular used SUV for sale units on the market. It has certainly provided many consumers with the advantage of refined styling combined with rugged features. Below are even more reasons why Toyota’s 4Runner remains to be the best SUV for sale in the market:

1.    Superior reliability – This SUV enjoys a long-standing reputation for its exceptional reliability and consistency, running in its prime condition even with few trips to the auto shop. This reliability affords its high marks from consumers who have experienced its consistent performance firsthand.

2.    Excellent safety – The 4Runner also has an excellent safety record. In the 30 years of the model’s existence in the market, it has proven to be one of the safest family SUVs, featuring great safety additions like driver and passenger airbags, along with side airbags, a reliable braking system more recent models even feature child safety locks and rollover protection, blind spot monitor, and auto-leveling lighting system for when the road is stark or bright.

3.    Fantastic features – In addition to its impressive safety features, Toyota 4Runner likewise offers a range of other exciting features like a power back window, a crawl control feature for traversing steep inclines, and stylish interiors, with a high-tech instrument panel.

4.    Amazing performance – With reliability comes great performance, both on the road and off. The SUV has a rugged frame, but the ride is smooth as high-performance shocks shield parts and components from rough rides on uneven terrain.

5.    Excellent resale value – Another reason why the Toyota 4Runner remains to be the most popular used SUV for sale in the market is its exceptional resale value, retaining as much as 72% of its original value even after 3 years.

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